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We are a growing clinic of dedicated speech therapists. We are always
accepting new clients for individual and group therapy sessions in our office.
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Since our beginning we've been dedicated to helping children find not only the strength
and confidence but also the skills they need.
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Children gain valuable development skills at Yakos Therapy

We believe that parents are key in a child’s success

At Yakos Therapy, sessions are play based and include parent training and participation. Our team works closely with families to ensure they are able to provide support for home practice activities and provides families with resources and materials to ensure speech-language progress. 

Information is presented using visual, auditory, tactile and movement activities to help children learn about sound quality and how sounds are produced in speech. 

An essential part of every child's life

It is important that children can communicate with others and understand language so they can communicate effectively with parents, peers, teachers, etc.

Making a proper diagnosis is essential to identifying speech-language weaknesses and creating a treatment plan. When there is a speech language disorder present, it is best to address it with speech therapy as early as possible. 

The sooner therapy begins, the sooner your child will become commensurate with their peers.


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