Social Language Groups

Developing skills for life

Some children lack the innate skills to understand how their verbal and non-verbal communication is interpreted by others. Likewise, they have difficulty interpreting the actions and words of their peers.

For them, these skills have to be taught. Our speech-language pathologists use a variety of tools to teach skills such as perspective taking, body language cues, and using critical thinking to respond mindfully. Our groups help students hone these skills with their peers to make and maintain friendships.

There are rules and guidelines for how we utilize language in various situations and with different people (e.g., informally with friends and family versus formally in a professional work environment). 

Examples of Social Interaction

students learn through a variety of methods with augmentative communication
Skills like nonverbal communication are given a chance to develop.

Your Role as Parent

Parents will help provide insight to what their main concerns are regarding social language and together with their therapist determine what the child is doing successfully and what they struggle with in regards to social interactions.  Your therapist will develop a plan to develop skills so your child can reach the next steps in learning how to establish friendships and learn about social interactions.  


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